Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feng Shui and Your Home

I practice feng shui to help my home sellers sell their homes faster and for a better price. How is this possible and what is feng shui?

First of all, feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that provides a framework for telling us how to arrange our homes to maximize our life energy called "chi". It is believed that by maximizing chi, good things happen.

Does it work? Like most people I really didn't put much into the claims made about feng shui. Sure, it made sense that if the house looks and smells nice, you're bound to get it sold faster. But beyond that, I was skeptical. Fast forward to today, I feng shui all my listings and I've had some incredible luck using it. For example, another realtor had a million dollar home on the market for over a year. After I feng shui'ed her listing, an offer came in within 3 days. Amazing. Many of my own listings have sold faster than the average. Of course, I've had some homes that did not sell fast despite all the feng shui that I could muster. What I do see is an extra edge that does help. When you're trying to sell a home, it makes sense to take every advantage.

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