Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cooling a House and Saving Money

Over the past several weeks, the A/C has been running and running. My power bill is twice as much as it would normally be.

I've been looking around for ways to keep my home cool and to save money. There are several options available; bulking up on the insulation to keep the hot air out, upgrading the A/C units to modern energy efficient models, use more ceiling fans, or perhaps just leave the house and head out to the mall!

While surfing around the Lowes website, I came across what seems to be a relatively cheap way to keep a home cool. Its an attic fan that runs off of solar power so it doesn't use electricity. The fan moves the hot attic air out and keeps your home cooler. The price on their website is $277 and the item number is 41125. This may be worth trying as a weekend DIY project!

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